Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends Rejoice?
We are a warm and welcoming church. Everyone can be a part of God’s family. And so, Rejoice is a diverse group. Most have come to Columbia for school or work, and have not grown up here.

What is the music like?
It is full of life. The worship team’s goal is to lead you in connecting and worshipping our Creator. We use a variety of praise, traditional hymns, and other styles to help that happen. No one style of worship is valued higher than another.

What should I wear to service?
We believe God loves you no matter how you dress. Dress how you feel most comfortable. Most people dress casually (i.e. jeans or shorts with a polo shirt), however, some women do wear dresses with heels and some men do wear ties.

What is the teaching like?
Either Steve or Adam will give the message each week. The message offers concepts that are relevant to life right now. It is easy to follow and an outline is available in the bulletin. It will last between 30-40 minutes.
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Where do the kids go during the pastor’s message?
The school age children go to K.I.D.S. church. Birth to three year olds go to Nursery class and preschool age children go to Preschool church. All volunteers have completed background checks, many are CPR certified and have child education backgrounds. Parents are welcome to observe the children’s ministry at any time.

How can I receive prayer?
At Rejoice, we believe prayer is vital. It is our connection with God. If you have something you would like to pray about please contact us and we will get your request to the prayer team. 

How do I meet people?
We have small groups that meet weekly, monthly, or twice monthly. We strongly encourage you to become part of one of these groups, because being a Christian is not a solo journey.

Do you offer pastoral counseling?
We do, on a limited basis. If the pastors assess the need for specialized counseling they will refer the person on to a Christian counselor.

How often do you take communion?
Communion is not on a schedule.  We take communion as the Holy Spirit leads the Pastor to offer it, as well as at our Easter and Christmas Eve services.  Communion is open to all who are in attendance.

Where is your church located?
We are one block off of Forum on Chapel Hill Rd.  The address is:  1900 Chapel Hill Road, Columbia, MO  65203.  Take Stadium Blvd to Forum Blvd.  At Chapel Hill Rd. turn right.  At the first 4-way stop (Limerick Ln), turn left.  Our church is on the corner of Chapel Hill Rd and Limerick Ln.

What does "Free Will Baptist" mean? 
Free Will Baptist doctrine is defined by three ideas: free will, free grace, and free salvation. Our central doctrine is the belief that each person has been created in the image of God and, as a result, has the ability to think, feel, and act. Free will means everyone has the ability to reject or accept Christ. However, free will does not mean absolute freedom; it means freedom within the framework of possibilities. In other words, you can choose to accept or reject Christ, but you cannot choose to be a god, or a rock, or a fish.

Free grace means salvation is totally dependent on the grace of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace. Everyone is a candidate for salvation.

If grace is free, it stands to reason that salvation is also free. God is just, therefore, grace is offered freely to everyone. Thus, predestination and election are not about me, but about Jesus. In other words, before time began, God predetermined that everyone who places his or her faith in Jesus will be saved. God elected that salvation would be through grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone—free will, free grace, free salvation.

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Do you support missionaries?
We are a tithing church.  That means at least 10% of monies we receive go toward missions.  Some domestic and some foreign.  We also encourage our members to give privately as the Holy Spirit leads them.

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