What to Expect

Where is the entrance located?

While our address is 1900 Chapel Hill Rd; our driveway is just off Limerick. Map and directions. There is one main entrance to the building; you will see two sets of double doors as you pull into the parking lot. Once you enter the foyer, to the left there is a welcome table, you may find a bulletin there with sermon notes, announcements, and other details about that day’s events. Entrance to the gathering area is straight ahead.

What will the service be like?
  • We have a time of singing led by our worship team. Our music is played by a variety of instruments. We also use recorded music from time to time.
  • The words to each song will be on the projector screen.
  • We will have a time of prayer, often a time to take prayer requests.
  • There will be a time to give financially during the service.  (Sometimes called tithes and offerings). To us, this is also a part of our worship. When the offering bag comes to your row, do not feel obligated to give.
  • A time of welcome, an opportunity to mix and greet each other, say hello. We see each other as family.
  • Before the pastor’s message, the children(ages 3-12)  are invited to go to preschool church and K.I.D.S. church for a 30 minute dynamic lesson, geared to their age range. There is also a Nursery Class for those birth-three years old. (We also have a Parent Care Room, if the parent prefers to stay with their infant).
  • One of the pastors will share a message. The message is always biblical and relevant. At Rejoice, it is our mission to connect our life with our faith. His message will include reading from the Bible, the scripture will be projected on the screen. However, if you have a Bible, we invite you to bring it. We hope you find what God desires for you.
  • The service usually lasts 90 minutes.
It is our hope that no matter where you are spiritually, we hope Rejoice feels like home. A place to connect life with faith.  And if you find, Rejoice is not your church family; it is our prayer you find the right church family for you. Being a Christian is not a solo journey.
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